Billy Cundiff fBaltimore Ravens former Pro Bowler Billy Cundiff finally out-kicked rookie Justin Tucker in the team’s practice on Sunday.

Out at Stevenson University, Cundiff connected on all four of his attempts from 30, 36, 39 and 44 yards according to Kris Jones of  Tucker missed his attempt from 44-yards, but booted a 53-yarder shortly after the shank.

As Jones points out, Tucker still leads Cundiff by 12 field goals this summer, but the Ravens still appear to be leaning towards keeping Cundiff.  John Harbaugh defended Cundiff for missing a 24-yarder last week saying that the snap was high.

I know most folks in Baltimore want to see Cundiff out on the street after missing the game-tying field goal in the AFC Championship game, but bringing in a rookie just isn’t smart.  Cundiff would have to really struggle to be replaced by a guy who hasn’t been in a pro game.

And I still think calling a timeout would’ve cured all the kicking problems Harbaugh and the Ravens created this offseason.

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  1. How do you figure? Tucker has out kicked him everyday. Why doesn’t billy kick beyond 50? Because he can’t !
    Go team tucker

  2. Very true. Call a timeout and don’t rush the kick. Simple solution. Tucker is just a pup. I guarantee, they pick him up, he misses a few, he is on the chopping block fast. Maybe they should, so all the idiots can see he is not the solution.

  3. Do you trust Cundiff to kick a game winning field goal for the Ravens this year ? Hell no ,,,,,,,,,,,,that is why Tucker must be the Ravens kicker , it’s all about trust but just watch , it won’t be the first mistake Harbaugh has made and it won’t be the last…………….

  4. It doesn’t matter which one kicks for the Ravens because Cundiff has lost his cahoneys and Tucker will screw up because of his lack of experience. This will come back to haunt the Ravens during the season.

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