Billy Cundiff Ravens contractEven after his run in Baltimore, Billy Cundiff is still finding a way to hurt the Ravens. Well, I guess technically this is the Ravens’ fault.

According to the salary cap figures from Brian McFarland at, Cundiff’s five-year, $15 million deal is costing the Ravens $1.8 million in dead money against the cap. His dead money total is second most on the team behind future Hall of Famer Ray Lewis, $2.95 million.

The Ravens gave Cundiff his extension after his Pro Bowl performance in the 2011 season. He was cut a year later.


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  1. Just one more blunder by Ozzie,,,,,,,,,,,it’s a good thing he is surrounded by competent people or we would have never won a super bowl…………………..

  2. The Intimidator

    MGW called this one when they signed Cundiff to that stupid contract… MGW is usually spot on most of the time… Just wait, he called Rice’s contract and he looks like he’s on point with that one also…

    Just do me one favor and DO NOT, I reapeat DO NOT ask MGW about the “Hair-Lip Woman at Walmart”… He tends to over-react to that issue… Little bit of a sore subject…

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