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There are (Cap)10 days until Opening Day! We look forward to watching the Orioles run down the Orange Carpet, so that we can stop talking about what might happen and move on to talking about what did happen. Until then, all we can do is try to separate the noise from the facts. Hurry, baseball: we miss you.


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This Week on the Twitters

Here is what is happening in the world of Orioles Baseball, in 280 characters, or fewer:



It’s that time again: we are terrible at making predictions, which means that we do it whenever we can. This instance of our lack of insight and baseless opinion is especially powerful. Each of us makes three bold predictions for the 2018 season, predicts the Opening Day roster, and a win/loss record for the team.

We would also like to hear your predictions for the O’s for 2018. Tweet us @birdseyeviewbal with your #OsPredictions.


Ridiculous Rules

Major League Baseball just announced that they will try some new rules in the minors season, to ensure that games aren’t too long. Or fun. Or too much like baseball. I’m not talking about the pitch clock, or any measure that aims to reduce a 3 hour game to 2 hours and 45 minutes. Instead, I’m referring to the rule that MiLB will play with this year in extra innings. To start each extra inning, a runner will be placed on second base.

Can we just talk about this for a second? What does that do to records? Is that an earned run, if it scores? If so – charged to who? I don’t really care about the pitcher win, but consider this: a pitcher can come in for the 10th inning, throw one pitch, give up a single, and be charged with a loss. This is a fundamentally different paradigm. What does this do to more “elegant” stats. I mean, consider WPA! What becomes of all this?

But that’s just hte minors. We won’t have to deal with such stupid rules in the majors for quite some time. But it got us to thinking: if the Orioles play like a minor league team for the next few seasons, perhaps the Orioles ought to play with some modified rules – both during extra innings, as well as during regulation.


Blowing the Save



Most podcasts try to end on a high note – the perfect coda to a quality program. That’s just not our style. Each week, we’ll end on a weak note, blowing the save with an item that didn’t quite fit into the episode, or something they simply need to get off their chests. It’s our version of taking the ball and pulling a Kevin Gregg.



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