Leading Off

The guys are back together again for Episode 48. After being cruelly separated by vacation, the banter and arguing is back. The guys renewed their plea for suggestions for #TheDrunkGaryThorne. The Brian Roberts Watch reveals a poor week at the plate, but Brian Roberts is still playing baseball! The Medical Wing debates the return of Wilson Betemit, and a discussion of how hurt Jason Hammel is. Did someone say Dr. James Andrews?!?!

The Orioles are holding a a contest, inviting fans to design a give-away t-shirt. An event like this is clearly an invitation for OBP Apparel to kick ass. In the interests of futility, the guys suggest a few other options.

Scott has picked a winner for the #SorryWilson giveaway!

O’s Fans at Home and Abroad

Jake recounts his experiences with running into Orioles fans in Wildwood, NJ. Scott wonders if Orioles fans are starting to travel for the O’s, and whether there is a strong bandwagon presence. What can we reasonably expect for a turnout for the Rockies and Tampa series?

Return to Glory Days?

Mark Reynolds has been released by the Indians. Jake and Scott debate the “wisdom” of bringing the Sheriff back to town. Other names raised are Adam Dunn and Michael Young. What can we say? It’s nice to be a potential buyer in August.

Fantasy Boss

Score: Jake, 4, Scott 1

Jake took another one – Jones over Davis in RBI last week. Jake selected strikeouts as this week’s category. Scott took Chris Tillman and Jake went with Miguel Gonzalez.
Who will own it?

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Who had a great week? Who had a terrible week? Who made us ashamed to be Orioles fans? Find out in this week’s GB&U. The guys run through their Good, Bad, and Ugly.

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