Leading Off

Our 50th episode is a special one. As usual, we start off with the Drink of the Week, The Brian Robert Watch (#TheBrianRobertsWatch), and the Medical Wing:

  • Nolan Reimold
  • Wilson Betemit
  • Jason Hammel

Great Expectations

What should Orioles fans expectations be? What do the Orioles expect of themselves? Scott lets Jake rant about the beauty of Orioles baseball, and then reviews Roch’s interveiw with Troy Patton. What is the mark of a successful season? Is it playoff success, or merely the pursuit? The guys weigh in, and wax philisophical on what it means to “win” as an Orioles fan.

Letters to the Orioles

After the success of the “Dear Dan/Dear Buck” segment, Jake and Scott expand the scope of their letters. Jake rants about access to playoff games, whereas Scott throws his support behind a certain broadcaster, maligned by the common fan (he’s much better at hockey).

Fantasy Boss

Last week, we threw down the gauntlet: was the best version of You’re the Boss done by Elvis or Brian Setzer? That question is answered this week. Jake and Scott square off for fantasy baseball dominance. Keep your ears open for signs of hopelessness from one of the BEV hosts.

We decided to go easy on next week’s category. The surprise category is RBI. Scott went with Chris Davis, whereas Jake went with Adam Jones.

Who will own it?

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Who had a great week? Who had a terrible week? Who made us ashamed to be Orioles fans? Find out in this week’s GB&U. The guys run through their Good, Bad, and Ugly.


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