A look at some of the current wagering options for the betting Baltimore fan. For entertainment purposes only, obviously.

Ravens to win the Super Bowl (+1750, i.e. bet $100 to win $1750)
The Ravens open up as the number six favorite to take home the Lombardi. Look, there’s very little chance the Ravens don’t make the playoffs this season. Still, to make a Super Bowl call with only so-so odds isn’t exactly a huge win. These odds will be comparable mid-season, so you’re better off picking a darkhorse in September and getting some value.

Orioles to win the AL East (+1200)
The O’s are 3 games back with 32 to play, 16 of which are against New York (-1200) and Tampa Bay (+500). For a team this hot, 12 to 1 is a good value if you think the Orioles really do have the magic this year.

Ray Rice to win the NFL rushing title (+450)
Only Arian Foster is handicapped higher for this award. It would seem like Rice is well-positioned to take home a rushing crown with his good health, productive 2011, lack of competition and being on a good team. In other words, it’s too good to be true and you’ll be furious with yourself for jinxing Baby Ray. Stay away.

Ravens to win the AFC North (+125)
The Steelers are at even money to win the division, which one could potentially attribute to the fact that like the Cowboys, their fans can bet them up like crazy (see Super Bowl XL vs. the Seahawks). Again like the Ray Rice bet, it seems like everything lines up for this to be a sure thing, which means you should run like the wind away form it.