A look at some of the current wagering options for the betting Baltimore fan. For entertainment purposes only, obviously. Oh, and since the prop bets haven’t been published. I’ve come up with a fe w of my own. 

Browns vs. Ravens (-13)

The Ravens will dominate this game, and I will get to go to bed early. It won’t be a complete game by the offense, but average play by Flacco and the gang will still result in at least 28 points against the Browns

Then there is the Browns offense. There is no way that the Ravens D won’t force a few turnovers. They currently have 6 turnovers on the season. The Browns struggled against Philly, and that’s the best defense they have seen so far. I expect the Browns to manage 15 points.

It’s funny how that if I subtract those two numbers, I get 13 points. Don’t worry, it won’t be the close. The Ravens will blow this team out.

Take the Ravens

Browns vs. Ravens Over/Under (43.5 points)

The Browns surrendered 34 points to the Bengals, 17 points to the Eagles, and 24 points to the Bills. The Ravens are more explosive than all of those teams, and they are playing at home. My biggest question is whether or not the Ravens will cover the over/under by themselves.

Take the Over

Will the crowd give the officials a standing ovation?

They should! These guys are awesome. While the Ravens were victims and benefactors of the replacement officials, I think everyone would prefer that the game be played as it should be.

Most Baltimore fans are intelligent. The few that I do know will be in bed by the time the game starts. Yes, the CROWD WILL SHOW THEIR APPRECIATION for the men in stripes

The Number of Times Seven Nation Army is played over the PA system (3 1/2)

I really don’t get this whole Seven Nation Army thing. It was fun during Game 1 least season against the Steelers, but really, we have to do it all the time? It’s not like it’s a Baltimore-only thing, yet they seem to have adopted it as their own. It’s now being overdone at OPACY, too. Guh.

Unfortunately, this will be OVER