A look at some of the current wagering options for the betting Baltimore fan. For entertainment purposes only, obviously.

Ravens vs. Eagles (-2.5)
There are a few historical things to consider.
1) Over the previous two seasons, the Ravens have followed big wins in Game 1 with duds in Game 2. In 2010, the Ravens had a dismal performance vs Bengals after winning against a stingy Jets team on MNF. Last season, the Ravens looked lost against the Titans a week after pounding the Steelers in the opener.

2) The Ravens are strong against the NFC. They have gone 6-2 vs the NFC over the past two seasons.

As Zach Wilt pointed out yesterday, the Ravens aren’t as good as they looked on Monday, and the Eagles aren’t as bad as they looked against the Browns. That’s a fair sentiment. Still, I don’t know how the Ravens don’t win this game. Offensively, I think they pose too many match-up problems for the Philly defense. So I say,
Take the Ravens and the Points

Ravens vs. Eagles Over/Under (46.5 points)
OVER, definitely OVER

The Ravens will continue to put out points in their newfangled, no huddle offense. Vick and McCoy will rack up some offensive stats. This won’t be a defensive showdown.

Michael Vick – Total Interceptions and fumbles lost Week 2 (1/2)
I think this bet is more indicative of the Ravens defense as opposed to Vick himself. The Vegas line seems pretty weak at 1/2. The Ravens won’t pick off Vick 4x, but they will get at least 2 turnovers.

This is an easy pick at OVER

Random Prop Bet of the Week
Will Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz shake hands or hug after the game?

I am justifying having this on here because both Schwartz and Harbaugh have Baltimore roots.

Both of these coaches are emotional, but they are also professional. They have worked out their differences, and I there is no reason to think that these guys know that people will be watching them on national tv. Even if they haven’t forgiven each other, they will do the right thing.

Take the YES