One of the most under the radar signings this offseason might be Steve Blake (career 7.3 PPG, 4.3 APG, 39.3% 3 point shooting). The Lakers needed a backup point guard for Derek Fisher and found a very solid one in the Maryland alum. If the first week is any indication, then the Lakers will be doing very well as they try for another 3-peat.

On Opening Night and Ring Night for the Lakers, Blake was a huge reason they were able to comeback and claw out a victory at home against a game Houston Rockets team. He was able to hit the go ahead three with 18.8 seconds left and then hound Aaron Brooks into a bad shot at the end of the game. Then on Friday night in Phoenix, Steve played solid minutes off the bench and helped contribute to the Lakers breaking of the Suns zone with making of threes which was a problem in the playoffs last year. As for the game on Sunday, the Lakers got out to a lead of twenty by the end of the first quarter and never looked back. Even though Blake struggled, Fisher was able to pick him up and had a very solid game.

During the preseason and early part of the season, Fisher and Blake have developed a solid bond built on cooperation not competition. “Our goal is to push each other. We’re in the leadership position. That’s what Steve is focused on and that’s what I’m focused on — making sure our entire team is playing a certain way,” said Fisher.

So as the season progresses, it should be interesting to see how Blake continues to evolve in the triangle offense and what his signing will do for the Lakers as the playoffs come down the road.