Paul Beeston is pissed about the Orioles successAt the beginning of the season, I boldly predicted that the Toronto Blue Jays would claim one of the two AL Wild Card spots. Injuries aside, the Orioles success alone has made my prediction look pretty foolish.

After watching Baltimore finish at the bottom of the AL East with their 69-93 record in 2011, Blue Jays President Paul Beeston is upset that his team missed the opportunity this season to take the next step.

I’m actually pissed off about it,” Beeston, whose team finished 81-81 last season, told the Toronto Sun. “Can you tell me who the favourite is in the American League? There isn’t one.”

He makes a good point. Also I love the Canadian spelling of “favorite”.

“I was talking to (White Sox owner) Jerry Reinsdorf about this today. There’s no one team to beat. Everybody’s got a shot. Getting into the playoffs gives you a chance to win. A lot of teams can with the World Series, starting with the play-in game. I’m more pissed off because that could have been us.”

The Blue Jays currently sit in last in the East with their 66-81 record.

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  1. Well, wait… No, it couldn’t have been you, Paul– your team has to be good first. At least you’ve got Tony LaCava & Keith Law in your corner, eh?

  2. Stat Boy, Tony LaCava, Keith Law, and Bobby V…


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