Despite Lardarius Webb's injury, Ravens could still win AFC North
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I wish I could take all the credit for my bold prediction. I’ll admit, I’m no Pete Prisco.

But I was inspired after reading Don Banks’ thoughts on the Ravens after their losses of both Lardarius Webb and Ray Lewis. Banks believes that these Ravens have shifted themselves to an offensive minded team and that in a weak AFC (Ravens are one of only two teams with a winning record), they could still win the North.

Baltimore’s bad luck on the injury front might also be at least coming at a fortuitous time, in that the AFC appears to be a down cycle this season, and the AFC North seems there for the taking. The Steelers are 2-3, having lost two out of their last three games, and have their own battles to fight with injuries and age on defense. The Bengals started fast at 3-1, but have lost the past two weeks to Miami and Cleveland, and have blunted their early momentum. With Cincinnati playing host to Pittsburgh this week, somebody’s going to come out of that game with a losing record, feeling pretty badly about themselves as midseason looms.

In the AFC, the Ravens are one of only two teams above .500, along with this week’s opponent, the Texans (5-1). While Baltimore beat Houston twice last season, including in the AFC divisional playoffs, winning at Reliant Stadium this week could be a difficult task. But even with a loss, Baltimore will enter its Week 8 bye with a 5-2 mark and grip on first place in the division. A tough first-place schedule still must be navigated, but the Ravens will at least have some breathing room as they attempt it. A 10-6 mark could easily win the AFC North this season.

I’m trying to stay positive. The thoughts of Trent Dilfer, Brian Billick and Don Banks have helped.

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  1. The Ravens will need some luck because this coaching staff is not capable of ‘coaching them up’…………….I have been known to bash Ozzie a little over the years but I must admit I’m not sure about these recent draft choices,,,,,,,,they may be decent , I just don’t know because I have not seen any progress with them , is it the poor drafting or the poor coaching , I guess time will tell………………………….

    • it’s 50-50 on their drafting. their offense has come through, but their defense is hanging on by a thread. Joe needs to learn Manning football – take a ton of time of the clock and keep his defense off the field.

  2. ravens will be lucky to be 8-8 -letting dallas -cleveland -beat them -did you think ray -(the murderer of two )would play foever –the 49ers live on without -montana -rice -ronnie lott -young -etc -the orioles without murray -frank and brooks robinson -life goes on .-they bought lewis -bothof them out of prison ,. if you dont think so -why was he down in norlean -he didnt watch the super bowl -and he didnt know who was in his car -yeah -right -he lies -steals cheats and lucky to be having millions .

    • what an IGNORANT comment about Ray Lewis Richard ! I’d like to see what would happen if YOU were coming home with friends from a night on the town and your group was attacked by 2 pieces of street crapola ! And you are delusional if you think, Ray actually DID anything there- his posse would have been involved in the self-defense of their leader. Please crawl back into your Pittsburgh hole and return when your head has cleared, if that’s possible.

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    • richard, how fiiting because you are a DICK.

  3. the orioles have much young talent –possible back up- catcher -to do 60 games -give matt some time off -will make him better ., a set up man -jim johnson may not get 50 saves .reynolds -at first -two utilaty players -adino -keep -flattery -in a 7-89 player deal to colorado -houston for two players -. reinhold -markis- a.jones -keep the guy from pittsburg h –loft -possible out-fielder . -grienke could end up here for one year .

  4. you are an idiot

  5. We have the organizational depth. Guy’s will step up like they always do. The Ravens are 5-1 without the defensive player of the year. Baltimore will weather this storm too. CAW!!!

  6. Hey Richard,,,,,,go back to commenting on the ‘steeler woman for life’ site,,,,,,,,,,,,where you are appreciated…………..

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