The Bank ain’t an easy place to win a road game.  Just ask the eight opponents that tried to do so this season.  Say what you will about this Ravens team, but give them credit for their dominance in front of the home crowd.

As the Texans come to Baltimore for the first home playoff game since in Charm City since 2006, the Ravens are hoping that the 12th man will play a critical part in the team’s advancement to the AFC Championship.  CBS Sports analyst Boomer Esiason knows just how tough it is to play in Baltimore, he discussed it in this week’s “Behind The Mic.”

“And if there is a stadium in the NFL that is almost impossible to play in and communicate in from an offensive standpoint, it is Raven Stadium.”  Or M&T Bank Stadium, but we appreciate the love Boomer.

“The Ravens fans are some of the best fans in all of the NFL.”

Gee. Thanks Boomer.

“I like Joe Flacco and his home fans to get them across them finish line with a victory.”