Everyone hates Brian BillickPoor Brian Billick.

For whatever reason, the only Super Bowl winning coach in Baltimore Ravens history continues to be snubbed for a Ring of Honor and induction and now everyone just seems to hate his game analysis on FOX broadcasts.

Billick shared two tweets he received, one from a Ravens fan and the other from a Cowboys fan, complaining that he was unfairly pulling for the opposing team during his play-by-play on Sunday.

Fans are funny, aren’t they?

Maybe funny isn’t the right word. Let’s go with stupid instead.

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  1. I don’t understand the Billick hatred. As you pointed out, Billick is the ONLY head coach to led the team to a Super Bowl championship. He was a master motivator, and always entertaining.

  2. Billick came across as a pompos @ss which was a turn off for many. You liked him because he was your pompos @ss and he was lucky enough to coach the Ravens to it one SB ring.

  3. Billick was the right man at the right time for the Ravens back in 2000/2001,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he did a masterful job at bringing the team together that year and deserves credit for doing so,,,,,,,,,,I will never forget the memories he brought to my wife and I , we even road around looking for Ravens gear at several motels in the area , it was a fun time……………….I’m still waiting for Harbaugh to bring us memories like Billick did , I have a feeling I have a long wait……………….

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