I’ll admit, there were some questionable calls in the Ravens 24-23 loss in Philadelphia. Joe Flacco thinks the replacement referees are affecting the integrity of the game. I think his second half performance (8-for-28 with an interception) was likely more to blame.

Former Ravens head coach Brian Billick agrees.

So he may blame the officials now, but when he takes a step back and comes down from the emotions of the game, he will understand that his performance and not the refs, was a bigger factor in the outcome of the game. It is just another step in the maturation of a young quarterback.

Billick actually argues that the offensive pass interference call on Ravens receiver Jacoby Jones was “in fact deserving of a flag.” He’s the first guy that I’ve heard say that, but he’s got one more Super Bowl ring than I do so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Either way, both Billick and Flacco will have to deal with the replacement refs. The NFL seems to think they’re doing just fine.