Brian Billick Criticizes Joe Flacco For His Comments On NFL’s Referees

I’ll admit, there were some questionable calls in the Ravens 24-23 loss in Philadelphia. Joe Flacco thinks the replacement referees are affecting the integrity of the game. I think his second half performance (8-for-28 with an interception) was likely more to blame.

Former Ravens head coach Brian Billick agrees.

So he may blame the officials now, but when he takes a step back and comes down from the emotions of the game, he will understand that his performance and not the refs, was a bigger factor in the outcome of the game. It is just another step in the maturation of a young quarterback.

Billick actually argues that the offensive pass interference call on Ravens receiver Jacoby Jones was “in fact deserving of a flag.” He’s the first guy that I’ve heard say that, but he’s got one more Super Bowl ring than I do so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Either way, both Billick and Flacco will have to deal with the replacement refs. The NFL seems to think they’re doing just fine.

Zach Wilt is the Founding Editor of and host of the BSR Podcast. He's a loyal Orioles, Ravens and Capitals fan who is obsessed with baseball, loves traveling, In-N-Out Burger and Walt Disney World.


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  2. spy

    September 19, 2012 at 8:41 am

    Billick is jealous he never had a q-back like Joe…………………..