Brian RobertsThree games into the 2013 season, Brian Roberts is hurt again. There seem to be two reaction’s to B-Rob’s latest injury — “of course he’s hurt, he’s made of glass” and “man, does this guy have bad luck.”

I’ve never understood why fans criticize the oft-injured players. They’re typically more frustrated about their lack of playing time than you are and if they aren’t, then you’re aloud to be critical.

Roberts battled back from two concussions and a hip injury only to feel “something kind of pop” in the back of his right knee. Buck Showalter said during Spring Training that he had trouble keeping the eager and optimistic Roberts off the field and Ken Rosenthal wrote a terrific piece about Roberts finally feeling back to normal after years of battling with concussion symptoms.

Dan Duquette said this morning that the Orioles will likely place Roberts on the disabled list, but the club has yet to confirm. Expect the O’s internal options, Alexi Casilla and Ryan Flaherty to fill in while Roberts rests.

I’ve seen folks wonder if the Orioles would bring Jonathan Schoop up to replace him, but I personally can’t see that happening and disagree with the comparisons to Manny Machado’s callup last season. The circumstances are completely different.

In the meantime, wish Brian Roberts a speedy recovery. He’s still got plenty of time to get back on the field and make me look smart for my over 50 games played prediction.