Brian Roberts is retiring from baseball. Hear about it in this radio spot care of Fox Sports Radio (h/t to the community at Orioles Hangout for digging it up on the interwebs):

Brian Roberts was something of a lightning rod among Orioles fans for the way his Baltimore career ended: he spent most of his 4-year $40MM contract injured, and remained a shadow of his former self on the field until the Orioles quietly parted ways with him after the 2013 season.

On the other hand, he was the bright spot on some otherwise terrible Orioles teams. He was a legit All-Star, and the mid-aughts, was the premier lead-off hitter in the game. Moreover, Brian Roberts chose to remain an Oriole when he signed that contract that some fans claim he didn’t earn. Instead of heading for larger markets and more money, he chose to try to build a winner in Baltimore.

Excuse me, but that’s what I will remember about #1.

I remember the guy who was a doubles machine. The guy who was a menace on the basepaths. The guy who was gracious with fans, generous with his time and money, and who made himself a member of the community.

Brian Roberts will  be a member of the Orioles Hall of Fame. He’ll be welcomed back to the stadium for us to applaud him. It’s time to forget his stint in New York. It’s time to forgive him for being hurt (if that’s… your thing). It’s time to recognize Brian Roberts for what he was:

A great Oriole.