Say what you will about the Cleveland Browns, but at least they didn’t make excuses after the Ravens walked into the dawg pound and jammed the football down their throat for four quarters.  After reading hearing from the Cleveland locker room, you almost feel bad for them.  They sound like a team that had no answers for what the Ravens brought on Sunday.

Browns middle linebacker D’Qwell Jackson was clearly caught off guard by the success that Ray Rice had against Cleveland’s defense.  “Everyone can run in this league,” Jackson said. ” It’s not how fast you are. It’s how conditioned you are.”

That sounds to me like the Browns just weren’t ready for a pounding running game by the Ravens.

“They weren’t very complicated runs at all. We just couldn’t get off our blocks. We were out-worked flat out.”  The Ravens appeared to be too physical for the Browns defense, wearing out their defensive line and making the linebackers back peddle.

“I want the guys to know this is not acceptable at all. It’s the worst performance against the run since I’ve been here. It leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.”