Bryce Harper screams in the face of a Double-A Umpire
Image Credit: Chris Knight, The Patriot-News

Wednesday night, Washington Nationals super prospect Bryce Harper was ejected for slamming his helmet following a called strike three call in the Harrisburg Senators game against the Richmond Flying Squirrels.

Harper took a 3-2 pitch and strolled down to first base for what he thought was clearly ball four.  It wasn’t and he slammed his helmet, which got him tossed.  Following the slam, he got in the face of home plate umpire Max Guyll and argued his case.

Harper’s manager Tony Beasley ran down from the third base coach’s box to step between him and Guyll and got himself ejected in the process.

For the 18 year old Harper, this isn’t his first go around with umpires.  He got in the face of an umpire while with Hagerstown and ended his amateur career with a suspension after he showed up a home plate umpire on a called strike three in the National Junior College World Series.

You can also find video of that one too.

Surely, Harper’s actions will have fans questioning his maturity.  We haven’t done that since he blew a kiss to a pitcher he hit a home run off of in low-A ball.