Earlier today we talked about how Orioles number one draft pick Dylan Bundy said that he would throw at Bryce Harper if he blew him a kiss.  Today, Bryan Harper took to twitter and reacted to Bundy’s comments.

In response to @NatsEnquirer, Harper’s brother Bryan tweeted, “Im pretty sure the #Bundys dont want any part of the #Harpers & they need the full story before they start callin people out!”

So what is the full story then?  An entire country thinks that Bryce Harper arrogantly blew a kiss to a low-A pitcher after sitting and admiring a home run he hit.

I’m not naive enough to think that the pitcher in question didn’t yell something to Harper, but I know that happens to athletes in every sport and it’s rare to see an athlete respond in such an arrogant way.

I’m sure Albert Pujols has had a pitcher yell something smart to him after he trotted around the bases, but I’ve never seen him blow a kiss to anyone.

If you wanted a O’s/Nats rivalry, you might just have to wait a couple years.  So far, here it comes.

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  1. 2 questions:
    Is there another Harper I don’t know about?
    Everyone else is calling @BHarp45 out, why is he only firing back at #Bundys for not know the whole story?

  2. @Jeff Pilson – The Natinals (spelling intended) drafted Bryce’s older Brother Bryan in the 30th Round on Tuesday. However, I have no idea why Harper’s comments are solely focused on the Bundys. Maybe he wants to see them trending?

  3. I hope Bundy catches a liner with a body part that’s not a hand.

  4. […] 6. Bryan Harper responds to Dylan Bundy’s claim that he would drill Bryce Harper [Baltimore Sports Report] […]

  5. @Jack, don’t think you will have to worry about Bundy getting hurt…

    He’ll probably be another of the O’s failed #1 Draft Picks like Billy Rowell, Chris Smith, Hobgood, Brandon Snyder, Pedro Beato, Adam Loewen, Mike Fontenot, Beau Hale, Rich Stahl, Mike Paradis…

    And those guys are from the 1999 draft till now and includes supplemental picks…

  6. Hoping all parties get straightened out by proven big leaguerers, not punk ass twiterring kids

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