Earlier today we talked about how Orioles number one draft pick Dylan Bundy said that he would throw at Bryce Harper if he blew him a kiss.  Today, Bryan Harper took to twitter and reacted to Bundy’s comments.

In response to @NatsEnquirer, Harper’s brother Bryan tweeted, “Im pretty sure the #Bundys dont want any part of the #Harpers & they need the full story before they start callin people out!”

So what is the full story then?  An entire country thinks that Bryce Harper arrogantly blew a kiss to a low-A pitcher after sitting and admiring a home run he hit.

I’m not naive enough to think that the pitcher in question didn’t yell something to Harper, but I know that happens to athletes in every sport and it’s rare to see an athlete respond in such an arrogant way.

I’m sure Albert Pujols has had a pitcher yell something smart to him after he trotted around the bases, but I’ve never seen him blow a kiss to anyone.

If you wanted a O’s/Nats rivalry, you might just have to wait a couple years.  So far, here it comes.