Time for our first matchup in the Unitas Region and man is it a good one.

Quite possibly one of the best defensive plays of the Orioles 2012 season squares off against one of the goofiest moments. Manny Machado’s pump fake against the Rays made SportsCenter while Batman made Ellen. Take your pick.

#4 Manny Machado Pump Fake

Manny Machado’s pump fake was one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen done on a baseball diamond. It’s the top of ninth, full count, two outs, a ground ball is slowly hit down the third base line, Machado scoops it up, pump fakes a throw to first which forces Rays pinch runner Rich Thompson off the bag, he turns to throw to J.J Hardy and forces the runner in a rundown. Absolute insanity.

#13 Batman Streaks At Camden Yards

Camden Yards celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a victory on Opening Day and an idiot running on the field in a cape. This idiot become loved in Baltimore for his tomfoolery and after receiving a lifetime ban from Oriole Park, he took his services across the street.

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