BSMY: #1 Joe Flacco Super Bowl MVP

In the first match up in the Robinson region, the 1 seed Joe Flacco winning the Super Bowl MVP faces the 9 seed Courtney Upshaw forcing a fumble in the 2nd quarter of the Super Bowl. This match up moves onto the round of 16.

#1 – Joe Flacco Wins Super Bowl MVP

Watching Joe Flacco sit along side Mickey Mouse is Disney World was a surreal moment for Ravens fans. While the mainstream media questioned his abilities throughout the season, there was no doubt of Flacco’s abilities when the click expired in New Orleans.

#9 – Courtney Upshaw Forced Fumble In Super Bowl

courtJust another great draft pick by Ozzie Newsome and Co. coming through in a big spot for the Ravens. The Ravens just had a slim 7-3 lead at this point in the game, and San Francisco was threatening to cut into it with a quick strike drive catalyzed by Vernon Davis and the running game. Instead, the Ravens sniffed out a stretch run to James and descended upon him en masse.

James shed the first few tacklers to get back to the line of scrimmage, but Cory Graham did a text book job of stabilizing him so that Upshaw could come in and lower the boom. The fumble lead to a 10 play, 71 yard Ravens drive that culminated in a 1 yard TD pass to Dennis Pitta. If you’re being realistic, it probably caused a 10 point swing towards the Ravens and sent them on their way to their second Super Bowl title.

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