BSMY: #1 Joe Flacco Super Bowl MVP#1 Joe Flacco Wins Super Bowl MVP Vs. #2 Orioles First Playoff Game Since 1997

Zach: This 1 vs. 2 matchup will really come down to which of your kids you love the most. Seeing Joe Flacco prove everyone wrong with one of the best postseason performances in NFL history was amazing. But the build up to the Orioles first playoff game in a decade and a half was equally incredible. I love Flacco, but I’ve got to go with the two seed for this one.

Lund: This is a situation where you value the overall validity of the moment. Yes, the O’s were back in the playoffs. A memorable moment that brought electricity back into this city with their baseball team. But here’s a guy in Joe Flacco who gambled on himself and went out and had one of the greatest performances in post season history. Without him, the Ravens don’t get to hoist their 2nd Lombardi trophy and Flacco doesn’t get named Super Bowl MVP.

Patrick: I’ve said it a number of times, the first O’s playoff game was one hell of a moment. That was probably the loudest I heard all year from either stadium. Unfortunately, the Orioles came up on the short end in Game 1, and that is all that Flacco’s Super Bowl MVP needs. The Ravens supremely polarizing franchise QB played out of his mind throughout the playoffs, and he put the cherry on top in New Orleans. A 66% passing day with three touchdowns against what most football fans consider to be the best defense in the NFL. A well deserved Super Bowl MVP for Flacco, and a well deserved spot in the Final Four.

Jabby: As a non-purple koolaid drinker you might think the O’s playoff game would be an easy choice. Nope. Maybe it’s the money I had riding on the Ravens in the SB or the fact that I was rooting for Joe to show all the haters that he was elite, but for me it’s Flacco winning the SB MVP. As I pointed out above, the first playoff game at OPACY since the early 90’s was a “happy to be here” type of crowd.

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