#1 Joe Flacco Wins Super Bowl MVP Vs. #5 Jacoby Jones Super Bowl TD Catch

BSMY: #1 Joe Flacco Super Bowl MVPI’m doing a single write up here, because these two moments are tied so closely together. Your preference here really depends on what you value more: the accolades at the end of the game or the plays that earned them.

Going into this season, Flacco took a page out of the Eli Manning playbook and put the target squarely on his back by calling himself an elite quarterback. Well, for the second straight year, a very polarizing (and talented) QB backed his talk up the only way that’s indisputable: with a ring. Week to week, Flacco was one of the most divisive aspects of the team amongst Ravens fans. For every fan that praised his outstanding production on deep balls, there was one that lamented his inconsistency on intermediate throws.

But the anti-Flacco ship took on a lot of water during the playoffs, and the Super Bowl all but sunk it. His 22/33, 3 TD performance was all that you could ask for and more against a tenacious San Francisco defense. Although there were other great players in the game (one in particular who he’s facing in this matchup), the QB gets the lion’s share of the blame and credit with good reason. And because of that, there was no one more deserving of the MVP than Joe Flacco.

His Disney World moment is going up against arguably his best play of the game. The 56-yard strike to Jacoby Jones showed a lot about this Ravens team. It showed off the best aspects of Flacco (deep accuracy) and Jones (elusiveness), but most importantly, it showed off an identity that they struggled to find early in the year. After all, it was when the Ravens fully embraced that identity as a deep ball offense that they truly became an offensive threat.

So what’s it going to be Ravens fans? Flacco finally getting his much deserved recognition as an elite player or one of the plays that earned him that recognition?

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