Ravens final stand: BSMYWe wrap up day one of the BSMY Tournament with quite possibly our true number one seed facing a number 16.

#1 Ravens Final Stand In Super Bowl

Who knows what would have happened in the Super Bowl if the 49ers reached the end zone on their final possession. Would Justin Tucker made a game winning field goal? Would Joe Flacco be able to lead the Ravens down the field one more time? Thankfully, we’ll never know the answers to these questions because they don’t matter. The Ravens stopped the ‘9ers and the good guys won.

#16 Wilson Betemit’s Walkoff Against The A’s

The O’s saved all their runs for the 9th inning on April 29 against the A’s. Down 2-0 heading in the bottom of the 9th, Matt Wieters drove in JJ Hardy and Adam Jones to tie the game. Then Wilson Betemit hit a three run bomb to secure a 5-2 O’s victory.