#1 Ravens Final Stand In Super Bowl XLVII Vs. #2 Prayer In Thin Air

Ravens final stand: BSMYZach: Yowza. This is a tough one. Without the Ravens final stand, who knows what would have happened in Super Bowl XLVII? Maybe the 49ers win it. Maybe Joe Flacco throws a pick trying to mount to the comeback. Maybe the lights in the Superdome go out again. There’s no telling. What I do know, is that without the Prayer In Thin Air, the Ravens aren’t even in the Super Bowl. They needed that miraculous play to get there. For that reason, I’m going with the number two seed.

Prayer In Thin AirLund: Such a tough matchup, but I make no bones about the moment that should win. I have the Final Stand winning this all for good reason. The Ravens offense separated itself from the defense, but it came down to that D making one last stop and it did. The Ravens win their second championship because of it. Without the Prayer in Thin Air, though, the Ravens don’t move on. One of the greatest moments in Ravens history. Don’t sleep on the 2 seed garnering some votes though. Final Stand won’t run away with it.

Jabby: This one is pretty simple for me. The final stand was brilliant for so many reasons ($52 million guaranteed reasons for Joe Flacco), but there wouldn’t have been any final stand(s) WITHOUT the Prayer in Thin Air (ingenious name, BTW). You tell me, what’s a more dyer phrase, “The Final Stand” or “The Prayer in Thin Air”? As someone who is always looking for an edge from the gaming standpoint, give me anything that J.C. (Jesus Christ) has a direct impact on every time.

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