#2 Prayer In Thin Air Vs. #2 Orioles First Playoff Game
Prayer In Thin Air
Lund: How a Ravens Super Bowl moment didn’t make it to the Final Four is shocking. But if there’s one Ravens moment that is right up there with any of our Super Bowl moments, its the Prayer in Thin Air. One could say, without this moment the Ravens aren’t in the Super Bowl (Without Final Stand, Ravens probably aren’t Super Bowl Champs, but I digress) which is true. This play was so incredibly wild, no one could have dreamed it up. It was so shocking and unbelievable that it will go down as one of the more crazier plays in NFL postseason history.

For me, the O’s First Playoff Game just doesn’t hold the same weight as the actual first win at Camden Yards, it was great to be there (as a fan) but O’s fans wanted more and they (voters) deserve more here as Prayer in Thin Air should soundly advance to the Championship match.

Orioles first playoff win since 1997Zach: Even if you’re the most diehard Baltimore fan and love both the Ravens and the Orioles, you have to have a favorite. Whether you can admit it or not. This matchup will make you choose a favorite.

I was happy to see the Prayer In Thin Air defeat the Ravens final stand in the elite eight because without the dramatic comeback in Denver the Ravens would have never even been in the Super Bowl in the first place.

However, this matchup is a much more difficult one to vote one and it comes down to picking your favorite of the two teams. Personally, baseball has always been my first love and more that reason, I have to vote for the Orioles First Playoff Game.

Voting is open from 9:00 AM March 11 to 9:00 AM March 12.