Coming in as the #4 seed is Jacoby Jones returning the 2nd half kickoff 108 yards to the house in Super Bowl XLVII. Facing off against that moment is the #13 seed where Ray Lewis dances out of the tunnel at M&T Bank Stadium one final time. This is our third match up today in the Weaver region.

Voting is open from 1:00 PM on Saturday February 23 to 1:00 PM Sunday February 24.

#4 Seed: Jones Takes 2nd Half Kickoff 108 Yards in SB XLVII

jacobykickWith the Ravens leading 21-6 to start the 2nd half, they received the opening kickoff. Jacoby Jones fielded the kick two yards deep in the end zone and brought it out. Seconds later, he reached paydirt, setting an NFL postseason record. He even danced like Ray Lewis as the Ravens went up 28-6 and had the 49ers on the ropes before the lights went out in New Orleans.


#13 Seed: Ray Lewis Dances Out of Tunnel For Final Time Against Indy

raylewisdanceRay Lewis returned from injury to play in front of the home crowd once last time against the Indianapolis Colts on Wild Card Weekend. As the players were announced, one person remained yet to be called. Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” blasted throughout the stadium and the crowd roared as Ray Lewis made his way from the tunnel, onto the field for one last squirrel dance in a Ravens uniform.

It was shown nationally on CBS as the entire football world saw the moment. It wouldn’t be the final squirrel dance seen at the stadium however, of course, as Ray squirrel danced his way onto the field – trophy in hand – during the team’s Super Bowl Championship parade on February 5th.