In today’s final match up in the Unitas region, we have a Maryland Terrapins moment going up against a very funny O’s moment in this 6 vs. 11 contest.

#6 – Maryland Beats #2 Duke At The Comcast Center

marylandIn a field of great sports moments, this is the one that I really connect to the most for obvious reasons. My Terps were overdue for a big win over Duke, and the fact that it came in what may be their last meeting at the Comcast Center made it that much sweeter. “Lottery pick” Alex Len (as opposed to “just there” Alex Len) showed up in a huge way and outplayed probable ACC Player of the Year Mason Plumlee. Maryland wiped the glass clean all night, and although it wasn’t perfect (26 turnovers), the good outweighed the bad to give Maryland their best win of the season and put them right back in the running for the NCAA tournament.

#11 – Mark Reynolds Missed High Five With Buck Showalter

I hadn’t seen this until I had started writing this post, and if you haven’t either, I highly recommend it. When he first came to Baltimore, Buck’s reputation was as a tireless taskmaster. Who knew he would turn out to be legitimately funny (the beginnings of his press conferences are gold).

This was probably the funniest in game moment. Reynolds hits his first dinger of the season versus Boston, Buck gets snubbed on the high five and caps it with a fist pump. I can’t think of many managers who are loose and easygoing during the game, but after that moment, Buck improbably made the list.



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