In the 1st round of the Baltimore Sports Moment of the Year Tournament out of the Modell Region, the sixth seed featuring the long-awaited return of the Cartoon Bird for the Orioles faces off against the 11th seeded touchdown run from Ravens punter Sam Koch in the Ravens trouncing of the Oakland Raiders in Week 10.

Voting for this matchup begins on Saturday February 23rd at 10:00 AM and ends at 10:00 AM on Sunday February 24th.


#6 Seed: Return of the Cartoon Bird – The logo synonymous with winning baseball in Baltimore made its triumphant return to Orioles’ hats in 2012, and what do you know, the Orioles put together 93 wins. Coincidence? I think not.orioles-cartoon-bird

The Cartoon Bird, which graced the hats of players and coaches during the Orioles glory years of 1966-1983, saw numerous winning seasons, three World Series championships and many a tirade from legendary manager Earl Weaver, evoking emotions from lifelong fans who grew up with the popular logo. The last time they had worn the hat before 2012 was during the 1988 season.

The Bird isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and now the O’s sport the orange and black billed caps, which is my favorite cap. Here’s to hoping another World Series title comes while wearing a Cartoon Bird cap.


#11 Seed: Sam Koch TD Run on Oakland

Ravens punter Sam Koch scores on fake field goal
Image Credit: AP Photo/Nick Wass

In Week 10, the Ravens put the beat down on woeful Oakland, in a 55-20 rout of the Raiders. The Ravens won their 15th consecutive game at home and put up the most points in franchise history, but that paled in comparison to what would happen late in the 3rd quarter to add insult to injury.

With the Ravens leading 41-17, Justin Tucker lined up for a field goal try. Instead, Sam Koch, a former linebacker-turned punter in the NFL, took the direct snap and ran it into the end zone, giving the football a mighty spike and putting another touchdown on the board for Baltimore. Head coach John Harbaugh made no apologies after the game, saying the Ravens took the opportunity they were given. All Raiders head coach Dennis Allen could say was, “it’s our job to go out and stop them.”