Torrey Smith#6 Return Of The Cartoon Bird

The logo synonymous with winning baseball in Baltimore made its triumphant return to Orioles’ hats in 2012, and what do you know, the Orioles put together 93 wins. Coincidence? I think not.

The Cartoon Bird, which graced the hats of players and coaches during the Orioles glory years of 1966-1983, saw numerous winning seasons, three World Series championships and many a tirade from legendary manager Earl Weaver, evoking emotions from lifelong fans who grew up with the popular logo. The last time they had worn the hat before 2012 was during the 1988 season.

The Bird isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and now the O’s sport the orange and black billed caps, which is my favorite cap. Here’s to hoping another World Series title comes while wearing a Cartoon Bird cap.

#2 Torrey Smith’s Game Against the New England Patriots

The night before a prime time game versus the New England Patriots, Smith’s brother Tevin Jones was fatally injured in a motorcycle crash. After spending all day grieving with his family, Smith made the decision to play the game in his brother’s memory. The pre-game coverage was touching, with a number of Ravens players talking to a clearly still emotional Smith in anticipation of the kick off.

And then from whistle to whistle, Smith dominated, producing possibly his finest game as an NFL wide receiver. His final haul totaled 6 catches for 127 yards and 2 touchdowns on the way to a 31-30 Baltimore victory. It was great to see Smith find some sort of triumph in tragedy, and it’s a moment that I’ll personally never forget from this Ravens season.

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