#8 Chris Davis Strikes Out Adrian Gonzalez Vs. #3 Torrey Smith’s 2 TD’s Against New England

Chris DavisLund: I am a HUGE fan of the Torrey Smith moment. A very courageous and emotionally strong performance for a human being who lost his younger brother, Tevin to a motorcycle accident earlier in the morning before the Ravens played the Patriots. Smith wasn’t sure he wanted to play, but did and was helped by his teammates who lifted him up emotionally and spiritually. It was a moment Ravens fans won’t forget as it connected the common fan to a player going through a tragedy in their life outside of football. I also like the Chris Davis moment a lot and happy to see it go this far, but I’m going to go with the sentimental pick here.

Patrick: This one is OBVIOUS. Davis’ pitch was a cool moment in an early season game that has become a cult hit among Baltimore fans. The Torrey Smith moment was one that transcended the local sports scene to become a national story. If you google Torrey Smith and pick an article at random, it will be a story about someone saying how great of a person he is, which makes it even tougher to think about what happened to his family. His even showing up for the game was courageous enough, but the way he dominated will make it a lasting memory in every Ravens fan mind. Smith moves on to the Final Four.

Torrey SmithJabby: As the MASN Cup owner (filled with Orangekoolaid) you would think my selection would lean towards the Deputy here. But like Bobby Valentine’s statement that the 2012 Orioles were “lucky”, you would also be wrong. What former Terp and overall great human being Torrey Smith did less than a full calendar day later after losing his brother should be made into a Hollywood movie asap.

His performance on the Sunday Night Football stage, in a revenge type atmosphere only seen when those dullards from Pittsburgh post in Charm City, was nothing short of amazing. The Deputy (Davis) striking out one of the best hitters in the game is absurd, no doubt. But what Smith did was not only courageous from a personal standpoint, but could’ve been an early view into just how special the 2012-13 Ravens team was from a family standpoint. Don’t ever sleep on team chemistry. Ever.

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