BSMY Tournament: #8 Steve Johnson’s First ML Start Vs. #9 Cam Cameron Fired

In the last match up of the day in the Unitas region, we have a very tough #8 vs. #9 match up brewing.

The 8 seed belongs to Steve Johnson who made his first major league start and got the win against the Seattle Mariners, 23 years to the day his father, Dave Johnson picked up his first win in the bigs. That’s matched up against the 9 seed and what a seed it is. Cam Cameron fired from his offensive coordinator duties in December.

#8 Steve Johnson Gets Win 23 Years To The Night Dave Johnson Gets His First Win

stevejohnsonIn one of the more special moments of the 2012 season, Steve Johnson notched his first major league victory on August 8th as the O’s beat the Mariners 9-2, pitching six innings and striking out nine batters. The cool part about it? The win came exactly 23 years to the night, his father Dave Johnson notched a complete-game first victory in the majors beating the Minnesota Twins at Memorial Stadium during the 1989 Why Not? season.

I recall noticing how nervous Dave was up close and personal in the press box and then how exuberant he was after for his son picking up the victory.



#9 Cam Cameron Fired

cam-cameronThe Baltimore Ravens fired offensive coordinator Cam Cameron on December 10th, just weeks before the Ravens postseason run. It was a gutsy gamble by John Harbaugh to make the move. Jim Caldwell filled the role of OC and the offense – specifically Joe Flacco – caught fire all the way to a Super Bowl championship with Caldwell calling plays. The rest they say, is history.


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  1. MGW

    February 23, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    Gotta go with Stevie. A man getting fired is never a positive.

  2. Albert Nistico

    February 24, 2013 at 11:02 am

    My mom goes to church with Steve’s grandparents and there was a lot of pride with his rise to the professionals, especially with his father’s ties to the area.