The first annual Baltimore Sports Report Fantasy Football league draft was completed last night featuring some of the writers from BSR and some of the viewers. Your Fantasy God is here to analyze the draft and take a look at how everyone did. Let’s take a look.

Columbia Cartel:
QB- Ben Roethlisberger
WR- Wes Welker
WR- Julio Jones
WR- Michael Crabtree
RB-Adrian Peterson
RB- Jahvid Best
TE- Antonio Gates
W/R- Danario Alexander
K- Nick Folk
Def- Pittsburgh
BN- Hines Ward
BN- Michael Bush
BN- Darren Sproles
BN- Deion Branch
BN- Steve Breaston
BN- Mark Sanchez

Best Pick: Antonio Gates- Round 3
Worst Pick- Ben Roethlisberger- Round 2

I really like Ben Roethlisberger’s fantasy value. I haven’t seen him go as early as Round 2 before though. That seems a little early. But I do like him. And I love Mark Sanchez as the backup. QB is strong. I like the depth at WR, but it’s a risky and unproven corp. We know what Welker can do. I expect big things from Jones, Crabtree, and Alexander, but they haven’t proved it yet. I think this corp will be strong, but there is a chance that any of those unproven guys could be busts. RB isn’t very deep. Peterson is the #1 RB on my board so that’s strong. Best is a decent #2. Bush and Sproles doesn’t offer a whole lot during bye weeks. Be ready to jump on any breakout RB’s for depth. Gates was the best pick because it gave this team both the #1 RB and TE in the league. Good kicker, strong defense.

The Win Column:
QB- Josh Freeman
WR- Mike Wallace
WR- Stevie Johnson
WR- Santana Moss
RB- Jamaal Charles
RB- Shonn Greene
TE- Mercedes Lewis
W/R- Beanie Wells
K- David Akers
Def- Atlanta
BN- Sidney Rice
BN- Willis McGahee
BN- LaDainian Tomlinson
BN- Mike Williams (Sea)
BN- Nate Burleson
BN- DeMarco Murray

Best Pick- Beanie Wells- Round 4
Worst Pick- Stevie Johnson- Round 5

No backup QB is risky, especially when you have a second-tier QB like Freeman. Freeman should be decent though. Just no depth points there. WR has depth though. Mike Wallace is a good #1. I made Stevie Johnson the worst pick because he was selected over guys like Maclin, Marshall, and Colston. I just can’t justify that. Moss and Rice form a good and deep #3 WR combo. Having Sidney Rice on the bench really makes the WR corp seem stronger. RB is very strong. Charles and Greene are very good starters. Taking Beanie in round 4 to put in that flex spot made the RB group very strong. Those 3 good RB’s may win a few weeks by themselves. Not a big fan of Mercedes Lewis. Decent Kicker, good Defense.

MG’s Bump and Run:
QB- Matt Ryan
WR- Vincent Jackson
WR- Dwayne Bowe
WR- Jeremy Maclin
RB- Ray Rice
RB- Reggie Bush
TE- Tony Gonzalez
W/R- Plaxico Burress
K- Matt Bryant
Def- Baltimore
BN- Matt Stafford
BN- Danny Woodhead
BN- Ronnie Brown
BN- Brandon Pettigrew
BN- Ricky Williams
BN- Devin Hester

Best Pick- Jeremy Maclin- Round 5
Worst Pick- Danny Woodhead- Round 11

A+ QB situation. Love Matt Ryan. Love Matt Stafford. Very good WR corp. Jackson will have a big year, Bowe is a solid #2, and Maclin was the best pick. Maclin was the best pick because he will also have a very good season, and selecting him as your #3 WR gives your a very solid corp. I also like Plaxico as a late pick. Ray Rice is the #2 RB on my board so getting him at Pick 3 was the right pick. Reggie Bush is a decent #2. If a chance of scenery was what he needed then that is a very strong #1 and #2. I don’t like the RB depth though. It’s a good thing for me to pick your worst pick as your round 11 guy though. I just think there were better backups available than Woodhead. i wouldn’t feel comfortable starting any of those backup RB’s, and if Bush goes down, your going to need another solid RB. Gonzalez is a safe and decent TE pick. Very good kicker and very good defense.

QB- Tom Brady
WR- DeSean Jackson
WR- Dez Bryant
WR- Lee Evans
RB- Arian Foster
RB- CJ Spiller
TE- Vernon Davis
W/R- Jacoby Ford
K- Billy Cundiff
Def- New England
BN- Sam Bradford
BN- AJ Green
BN- Thomas Jones
BN- Roy Williams
BN- Derrick Mason
BN- Justin Forsett

Best Pick- Dez Bryant- Round 4
Worst Pick- Lee Evans- Round 6

This draft intrigued me the most. I really really like the first half of this team’s draft, and really didn’t like the second half. All of the top picks were soooo good. Then you started reaching like crazy! I really like the QB situation a lot. Brady and Bradford is extremely strong. I love Jackson and Bryant as the #1 and #2 WR. Bryant is a grat pick in round 4, especially as a #2 WR. Lee Evans was a huge reach! I do like Evans this year, and I think he will have a decent season…but that was really really early to grab him. You could have gotten him later and sured up that #3 spot with a more guaranteed guy. AJ Green was a nice pick though and will eventually be a nice #3 WR or your flex. Getting the #1 ranked guy Foster to fall was a good pick. I like Spiller this year. I have him in all of my leagues. But he is a backup in all of my leagues. I think your going to be in trouble with him as your #2 RB. And I’m not sure Thomas Jones or Forsett will give you much help when you plug them in. I really liked the Davis TE pick. I like Cundiff this year, but you reached on him real early too. You really could have added more depth if you wouldn’t have taken a kicker so early. Decent Defense too.

Mr. Brightside:
QB- Eli Manning
WR- Hakeem Nicks
WR- Brandon Marshall
WR- Chad Ochocinco
RB- Chris Johnson
RB- Peyton Hillis
TE- Kellen Winslow
W/R- DeAngelo Williams
K- Nate Kaeding
Def- Philadelphia
BN- Kevin Kolb
BN- Jordy Nelson
BN- Greg Olsen
BN- Marion Barber
BN- Denarius Moore
BN- Dallas

Best Pick- Kevin Kolb- Round 11
Worst Pick- DeAngelo Williams- Round 4

So I really don’t like Eli Manning as the starting QB at all, but I really like Kolb as the backup. So Kolb is really the starter. That Kolb pick completely changed the QB situation for this team and made it a pretty good one. The WR’s are nasty. Nicks is solid, Marshall is a steal this year, and Ochocinco is a strong #3. I also like Jordy Nelson backing them up. Very good. Chris Johnson is going to have another monster year. He will be the #2 or #3 player overall. Very nice #5 overall pick. Hillis is a good #2. I like the idea of getting another RB early to fill that flex spot, but DeAngelo just isn’t my guy. I think there were better options available. DeAngelo just scares with Stewart still being there, plus his health, and his inconsistency. Still a good RB corp overall. Winslow is a mediocre TE. Getting Olsen makes a good platoon. Good kicker, but you took him too early. You’ll also be fine with both of those defenses. Good depth on this team. If Kolb is as good as I think he is this is easily a playoff team.

SB Again?
QB- Phillip Rivers
WR- Greg Jennings
WR- Santonio Holmes
WR- Malcolm Floyd
RB- LeSean McCoy
RB- Ahmad Bradshaw
TE- Jason Witten
W/R- Brandon Jacobs
K- Sebastian Janikowski
Def- New Orleans
BN- Aaron Hernandez
BN- Johnny Knox
BN- James Jones
BN- Robert Meachem
BN- Dexter McCluster
BN- Emmanuel Sanders

Best Pick- Jason Witten- Round 6
Worst Pick- Brandon Jacobs- Round 8

Again, I’m not a fan of not having a backup QB, but Rivers is a great starter. I like the WR depth a lot. I love Jennings as a #1. Holmes is a decent #2. Not a huge fan of Malcolm Floyd, but when you have Know, Jones, Meachem, and Sanders, I’m sure you’ll easily have a #3 WR each week. That’s very solid depth. Mccoy/Bradshaw is nasty #1 and #1 RB combo. Very good. Not big on Jacobs as the backup or in the current flex role. I know he’s a handcuff to Bradshaw, so I don’t mind that, but the RB depth isn’t that great. I picked him as the worst pick because instead of handcuffing you could have gotten a better flex guy/backup. Witten was great value for round 6 considering how Gates went in round 3. Solid TE to have. Good kicker, good defense.

Market St. Grocers:
QB- Aaron Rodgers
WR- Mike Williams
WR- Percy Harvin
WR- Austin Collie
RB- Frank Gore
RB- Matt Forte
TE- Lance Kendricks
W/R- Ryan Mathews
K- Robbie Gould
Def- Green Bay
BN- Jonathan Stewart
BN- Steve Smith (PHI)
BN- Ryan Fitzpatrick
BN- Antonio Brown
BN- Detroit
BN- Eddie Royal

Best Pick- Ryan Mathews- Round 5
Worst Pick- Lance Kendricks- Round 9

Good QB corp of Rodgers/Fitzpatrick. I like Vick more than Rodgers though…The WR’s are pretty good. Not that big on Williams as a #1 though. I love Percy Harvin. This team has a lot of my sleepers on it. Harvin is going to have a breakout year and will probably be the #1 WR on this team. Collie is a solid #3 to have if healthy and if anyone is there to throw it to him. Antonio Brown is another one of my big sleepers. I like how he was drafted. Good WR depth. The RB’s are solid, but I hate Gore. Sure he will be pretty good for the few weeks he plays, but he is getting old and is never healthy. I really like Forte and Mathews though. Picking Mathews really solidified the RB situation even if Gore goes down. Mathews was a 1st rounder last year, so this is great value. Jonathan Stewart is a very good RB on the bench too. So when Gore goes down, you still have 3 good RB. Nice job there. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with thinking Kendricks is a sleeper TE and investing stock into him. What I don’t like is how early you got him. He’s a guy that probably would have been there in the last few rounds. With someone like AJ Green still there I definitely wouldn’t have went sleeper TE quite yet. Great kicker, Great defense.

QB- Peyton Manning
WR- Roddy White
WR- Mario Manningham
WR- Marques Colston
RB- Rashard Mendenhall
RB- Steven Jackson
TE- Owen Daniels
W/R- LaGarrette Blount
K- Mason Crosby
Def- New York Jets
BN- Jay Cutler
BN- Jerome Harrison
BN- Roy Helu
BN- Earl Bennett
BN- Stephen Gostkowski
BN- Zach Miller

Best Pick- LaGarrette Blount- Round 4
Worst Pick- Mario Manningham- Round 5

Very nice job. Almost a standing ovation for you. Peyton Manning was a must have seeing how far he was going to drop. When Manning comes back in Week 4 or 5 or whenever, he’s going to be the same old Peyton Manning and put up elite points. I wish you would have drafted a better backup though. Not sure Cutler will cut it. That’s the only reason why you don’t get a standing ovation. The WR’s are strong. White is a great #1. Colston is an amazing #3. Manningham was a bit of a reach and I think there were better options. Envisioning your team with Percy Harvin instead of Manningham is mouth watering. Love Mendenhall as the #1. Not big on Steven Jackson because he’s old, but I guess he’s an okay 3rd rounder. LaGarrette Blount is my boy this year and a complete steal in round 4. I took him in round 2 in most leagues. Mendenhall/Blount will both put up 1st round numbers. I feel like Helu will be the starter eventually. Daniels is a solid and underrated TE pick. Hopefully he can stay healthy. You have the best kicker, and a great defense. You may have some early QB problems though. I hope that doesn’t hurt your playoff chances, because once Manning is back your a legit threat to the championship.

Falco’s Squad:
QB- Matt Schaub
WR- Anquan Boldin
WR- Kenny Britt
WR- Mike Thomas
RB- Maurice Jones- Drew
RB- Darren McFadden
TE- Dallas Clark
W/R- Knowshon Moreno
K- Neil Rackers
Def- Chicago
BN- Joe Flacco
BN- Pierre Garcon
BN- Daniel Thomas
BN- Rob Gronkowski
BN- Jacoby Jones
BN- Donovan McNabb

Best Pick- Daniel Thomas- Round 12
Worst Pick- Joe Flacco- Round 8

Big Matt Schaub fan. Great starter there. You took Flacco too early as your backup. I don’t like the Flacco pick when you still needed a #3 WR. Pretty good combo overall though, especially when you also add McNabb. WR is decent. I like Boldin better as a #2. Britt is pretty good, but doesn’t have anyone to throw to him. Not a Mike Thomas fan and he also has nobody to throw it to him. Garcon was a nice late pick. I like your RB’s. I like Jones-Drew more a second rounder, but McFadden could have been your 1st rounder, so it really doesn’t matter. Now that Garrard was cut Jones-Drew is a really nice guy to have this year. I really like Moreno in that flex spot too. I like Daniel Thomas a lot and think he will be the starter eventually. It’s a steal to get him in round 12 like that. I’ve seen him go as high as round 7. Very good TE combo. Clark is solid, and Gronkowski is a nice sleeper who catches TD’s. Good kicker, solid defense.

QB- Michael Vick
WR- Reggie Wayne
WR- Danny Amendola
WR- Lance Moore
RB- Michael Turner
RB- BenJarvus Green-Ellis
TE- Jermichael Finley
W/R- Mike Tolbert
K- Garrett Hartley
Def- New York Giants
BN- Kyle Orton
BN- Davone Bess
BN- Dustin Keller
BN- Ryan Torrain
BN- Alex Henery
BN- Kansas City

Best Pick- Michael Turner- Round 2
Worst Pick- BenJarvus Green-Ellis- Round 5

Vick is my #1 QB. Nice pick there. Orton is a decent backup. I’m a little concerned with your WR’s. You kinda reached on most of them. Wayne was a solid #1 to get in round 4. Maybe Manning’s injury made him fall. Good pick. I like both Amendola and Moore. But I like them as #3 and #4 WR’s, not #2 and #3. I do like Bess though on your bench. So overall your WR corp has good depth, but your just lacking one big guy. Michael Turner was a solid #2 pick and usually isn’t there that late. I really don’t like Green-Ellis though. Especially not that high. I also think Tolbert lost a lot of value now that Mathews is looking so good. Torrain may be the #3 RB for the skins eventually. I think you need to jump on WR’s and RB’s that start strong and get some good waiver wire guys. If you can do that and combine them with Vick/Turner/Wayne/and your decent WR corp, you’ll be fine. You have a really good TE and I hope he stays healthy. Good kicker. I like Kansas City’s defense a lot now. More than the Giants. Very good combo there.

Da Cool Brees:
QB- Drew Brees
WR- Andre Johnson
WR- Brandon Lloyd
WR- Mike Sims-Walker
RB- Felix Jones
RB- Cedric Benson
TE- Jimmy Graham
W/R- Ryan Grant
K- Rob Bironas
Def- San Diego
BN- Fred Jackson
BN- Braylon Edwards
BN- Matt Cassel
BN- Greg Little
BN- Jason Snelling
BN- Donald Driver

Best Pick- Drew Brees- Round 2
Worst Pick- Cedric Benson- Round 5

Of course you got Drew Brees. Did you change your team name after your got him, or did you make it that knowing you would take him high in round 2? The fact that he matches your team name makes him your best pick. Plus he is an elite QB. Don’t take this the wrong way…but I think your team would have been the best 3 years ago. You don’t have much young talent, which is okay, but your definitely the oldest team. Cassel is a decent backup to Brees. Andre Johnson is great, but I don’t personally like him more than Calvin or Fitzgerald. Brandon Lloyd I think will come down some this year, but if he can repeat he is a good pick. I don’t know how much value Sims-Walker has left. I feel like he was a 1 year fluke. Lloyd too. Edwards and Driver have a lot of age to them, but they could fill in for you on certain weeks. Not sure if Little will do much this year. So I’m a little iffy on your WR corp. Watch for hot waiver wire guys. I think Felix Jones will have a big year, but I like him better as a #2 RB. He could certainly be good enough to be a #1 though. Cedric Benson really scares me with all of his off season trouble and the suspension and stuff. Grant could be good…if he’s healthy. Fred Jackson was a nice pick that late seeing how he is the starter. I think you have enough RB depth to get bye. I just worry about their suspensions and health. Jimmy Graham is a solid TE. Decent kicker and decent defense.

QB- Tony Romo
WR- Larry Fitzgerald
WR- Calvin Johnson
WR- Miles Austin
RB- Tim Hightower
RB- Mark Ingram
TE- Jared Cook
W/R- Joseph Addai
K- Josh Brown
Def- Cleveland
BN- Marshawn Lynch
BN- Pierre Thomas
BN- Steve Smith (Car)
BN- Ben Tate
BN- James Starks
BN- Delone Carter

Best Pick- Calvin Johnson- Round 2
Worst Pick- Miles Austin- Round 3

I like it. I’ve heard some people talk about this strategy, but haven’t seen it done before. Instead of going position by position with you, I want to talk pick by pick. So you went Fitzgerald/Calvin with your back to back pick. And you got my #2 and #1 WR in that order. I like it. Round 3 you came back with Miles Austin. I like Miles Austin. And I like how you went WR WR WR. However, I like other guys, including Dez Bryant, more than Austin. I like Wayne more than Austin. You have the best WR corp, which you set out to do. It is nasty. But Calvin/Fitz/Wayne would have been nastier I think. So then you grabbed Romo, because you needed a solid QB, and you got one. Then you did what you needed to do and went on a RB tear taking 5 in a row. Hightower is a starter for now so he’s a solid pick. Of course he isn’t a very good #1 RB, but with your strategy it’s not about dominating RB, its about having depth. And you do have depth. Ingram may end up being your best RB and is actually a solid #2 to have. With Manning being out Addai has the chance to be good. I’m not a big Lynch fan, but he is a starter. Thomas was a nice handcuff to Ingram. Overall, not the best RB corp, but you knew you wouldn’t be. Good depth though. It will get you by. Did I mention that I love Starks and Carter. Both handcuffs to your other RB’s that I like more than the starters. Once these two guys are the starters, and they will be, your really going to be set with a corp of high scoring RB’s. For a unique strategy you executed it perfectly. Especially with getting all of the handcuffs. Of course our TE is iffy and if he doesn’t break out you’ll be in trouble there fighting for the best waiver wire guy each week. Not a fan of your kicker or defense, but that isn’t a big deal. I think you got your defense for week 1 only. If you did then nice job. Cleveland should score a lot of points against Cincy in week 1. Long term they aren’t good, but I don’t think you intend to keep them long term. Nice job

Good drafting skills be everyone. The team to beat: TMNE. Playoff teams by draft: TMNE, MG’s Bump and Run, SB Again?, Mr. Brightside, By The Numbers

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