After a mammoth start by “The Avengers”, let’s check in on Week 2 of the BSR Fantasy Summer Movie Leage. Here’s a quick primer on our league if you missed it before. You can go back and hear our draft on the BSR podcast, as well, or just nerd out on our spreadsheet.

Well, as predicted “The Avengers” piled on another massive weekend, and could possibly sniff $500 million before all is said and done. Against my better judgement, I went to a predictably unruly showing of the film at White Marsh last night. People are just the worst, especially at the movies. Anyway, while I don’t think it deserves the absurd 93% it’s hauling on Rotten Tomatoes right now, it wasn’t a bad way to spend two and a half hours.

Meanwhile, the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movie factory churned out “Dark Shadows” this weekend. Considering that “#DarkShadows” was a promoted trending topic on Friday, things did not bode well for the campy comedy. Look, there are over 1200 episodes of the original series for fans to fawn over. And what exactly was another two hours going to cover? And who wants to go watch unsexy vampires? Haven’t they learned anything? The results were rough, with a poor 42% fresh rating and $28.8 million in domestic grosses, which won’t climb much higher going against even more competition the next couple weekends.

Things get much broader this weekend as “The Dictator” and “Battleship” hit theaters. The Sacha Baron Cohen/Larry Charles formula may be dead, but man does “Battleship” look boring for a movie with lots of explosions. On a side-note, not to brag but I owned ELECTRONIC Battleship growing up, which had the greatest sound effects of all time. Pyeeeeeeewwwww boooosh!

Standings: 1-Zach Wilt (71.04), 2-Matt Lund (22.89) four others tied at 00.00

League Activity: No adds/drops

Opening Next Week: “The Dictator” (Dave Gilmore), “Battleship” (Zach Griffin)