As the field begins to fill out, let’s check in on Week 3 of the BSR Fantasy Summer Movie Leage. Here’s a quick primer on our league if you missed it before. You can go back and hear our draft on the BSR podcast, as well, or just nerd out on our spreadsheet.

Let’s be honest, “Marvel’s The Avengers” isn’t going to see a real challenge until “Prometheus” in two weeks, but even then it may not waver from the top spot, still raking in cash here in late May. Last week saw my team make its debut with “The Dictator,” which I picked up after dropping “The Wettest County” (recently re-titled as “Lawless”). “The Dictator” was fairly well-reviewed and did okay opening to $24.5M, so I’m happy withe the move.

“Battleship,” however, is not shaping up to be the blockbuster Zach Griffin hoped it would be when he took it no. 7 overall. The floating disaster only made a million more bucks than “The Dictator” and is getting taken to the critical woodshed at 36%. Sometimes America isn’t as shallow as it seems.

This week Patrick Guthrie gets in the game with “Chernobyl Diaries,” which looks terrifying and may gain some steam off the “Cabin in the Woods” buzz. “Men in Black III” has a few solid reviews in, but the question will be if “The Avengers” has wound down enough to give “MiB III” a chance to rake some cash.

Sadler is on the board with the highly favorable early reviews of Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom,” which opens in limited release this week.

Standings: 1-Zach Wilt (76.59), 2-Dave Gilmore (65.61), 3-Matt Sadler (48.50), 4-Matt Lund (23.83), 5-Zach Griffin (19.68), 6-Patrick Guthrie (00.00)

League Activity: No adds/drops

Opening This Week: “Men in Black III” (Dave Gilmore), “Moonrise Kingdom” (Matt Sadler), “Chernobyl Diaries” (Patrick Guthrie)

Top Film: Marvel’s The Avengers” ($457.7M/93%, total score 76.59) Zach Wilt

Worst Film: “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” ($10.5M/22%, total score 11.69) Not Owned