As everyone (almost) has at least one movie in theaters, let’s check in on Week 4 of the BSR Fantasy Summer Movie Leage. Here’s a quick primer on our league if you missed it before. You can go back and hear our draft on the BSR podcast, as well, or just nerd out on our spreadsheet.

As “Marvel’s The Avengers” eclipsed the half-billion dollar mark domestically, playing out the rest of the summer seemed futile in the face of Wilt’s dominance. However, your valiant editor was thrown for a loop when his third-round pick, “G.I. Joe: Retaliation,” was delayed until next year by Paramount. The free agency cupboard was pretty bare, especially after Guthrie swooped in at the 11th hour to swap “Chernobyl Diaries”  for “That’s My Boy,” a wise move given how poor the horror flick did on opening weekend.

Sadler will face his first real test this weekend with “Snow White and the Hunstman,” after riding high on his 93%/$500,000  value pick in “Moonrise Kingdom.” By dropping “Chernobly Diaries,” Guthrie avoids getting in the mix for another week, until he jumps in with a bang in “Prometheus”  next week.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the summer has been how non-crappy “Men in Black 3” apparently is. Lund, Guthrie and Wilt tweeted me on opening night to let me know they were supporting my pick. Thanks guys! “MIB3” had a very strong $55M opening weekend and held steady with critics at 68%.

Standings: 1-Zach Wilt (80.27), 2-Dave Gilmore (69.34), 3-Matt Sadler (48.03), 4-Matt Lund (24.14), 5-Zach Griffin (19.91), 6-Patrick Guthrie (00.00)

League Activity: Guthrie dropped “Chernobyl Diaries” hours before it premiered in a dramatic all-caps email. He picked up Adam Sandler’s “That’s My Boy” in its place. Wilt was forced to drop “G.I. Joe” as it’s been shelved til next year for 3D-ification (ha!). He picked up the venerable “Piranha 3DD.”

Opening This Week: “Snow White and the Hunstman” (Sadler), “Piranha 3DD” (Wilt)

Top Film: Marvel’s The Avengers” ($513.7M/93%, total score 80.27) Zach Wilt

Worst Film: “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” ($22.2M/22%, total score 12.46) Not Owned