Incarcerated Bob, the sports world’s biggest news breaker, joins the podcast to talk about breaking the Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow stories. The guys also vent about taxpayer dollars being spent by Mayor Rawlings-Blake and Governor O’Malley on food and drinks at Ravens games.

Join Zach, Patrick and Matt for this week’s edition of the best sports podcast in Baltimore, the BSR Podcast.

Here are some of the topics discussed on this week’s show:

Mayor Rawlings-Blake And Governor O’Malley Spend Nearly $6K In Taxpayer Money At Ravens Ravens

  • Baltimore’s Mayor and Maryland’s governor hosted folks in their skyboxes all season long and treated them to nearly $3,000 a piece in food and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Rawlings-Blake and O’Malley spent taxpayer money during these Ravens parties.
  • The guys ask for one of the red velvet cupcakes Rawlings-Blake gave out during Steelers week.

Incarcerated Bob Talks With The BSR Podcast (7 minutes 30 seconds)

Orioles Spring Training Story Lines

A Conversation With James The Boston Fan

  • The guys discuss bandwagon fans with a guy who has the Red Sox “B” script tattooed on his arm.
  • Zach, Matt and Pat play Robert Andino’s walkoff against the Sox to James.
  • James discusses spy gate, the Red Sox offseason and why Robert Kraft wears the same suit every day.
  • He also tried to get the guys to jump on the Red Sox bandwagon.

Lightning Round

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  1. Excellent Podcast. Great stuff with Incarcerated Bob. Plus you get to listen to Mr. Buffalo Bills of The Fantasy God’s leagues. James is an intelligent man, he just can’t compete with me when it comes to fantasy. Little known fact…James has been in 4 Fantasy God leagues, and has 4 top 4 finishes. The Fantasy God has 3 championships during that span. His life goal is to one day be me. Check out my fantasy rankings all this week, and get the cheat sheet! There is only one Fantasy God.

  2. IBN Incarcerated Bob is the f**king man! Not only does he break news 1st he talks to all his followers, unlike douche bags on ESPN – NBC

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