Nate Showalter returns to the show to talk about his first few months working for the Padres and give the guys an inside look at the Orioles. Jake English from Birds Eye View joins the guys to discuss the 2014 BEVys and Birdland Bash.

Nate Showalter Joins The Show

  • Padres scout Nate Showalter returns to discuss his first few months working for San Diego.
  • He discusses his trip to the Dominican and role in the MLB Draft.
  • Nate also reflects on the chemistry in the Orioles locker room and talks about their success in first half.

Orioles Last Week

  • At the time of this recording (Monday July 14, 2014)
  • Orioles are 52-42, 4 games ahead of the Toronto Blue Jays
  • 7-3 in last 10 games
  • 26-23 at home, 26-19 on the road, +26 RD
  • 61.2% postseason odds via ESPN
  • 1-0 at WSH, 1-1 vs WSH 2-1 vs. NYY (4-2 week)

Three Orioles Takeaways From The First Half

1. Adam Jones is the most important part of the Orioles offense.
2. The Orioles can survive without Matt Wieters.
3. The AL East ain’t what it used to be.

1. How Steve Pearce has become Joe DiMaggio over night.
2. Zach Britton’s confidence and mine in him.
3. Chemistry.

1. Maybe the O’s don’t need Matt Wieters as much as we thought they did.
2. The O’s really need Ubaldo Jimenez to get going in the 2nd half
3. The first half is over, the 2nd half is going to be so much damn fun

1. The Orioles should win the division
2. The Orioles HAVE to win this division
3. Good work so far…but a lot left to do.

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