Limited Edition Maryland Terrapins Muscle Milk
Flavor: “Genuine Terp Chocolate”
Price: $3.61 at Royal Farms
Rating: Three transferred starters out of five

Maryland is perhaps the best-marketed two-win football team in the history of the NCAA. Muscle Milk has begun populating College Park and the surrounding area (including Baltimore) with branded “limited edition” Terps bottles. I used to pound a chocolate Muscle Milk every morning when I was a vegetarian. I’m terrible at obtaining protein that doesn’t come from slow-moving animals, so being able to guzzle 25g in something resembling chocolate milk was quite convenient. That said, the Maryland edition is no different than any other chocolate Muscle Milk. It’s sweet, chalky, has an odd aftertaste but is pretty okay for something that contains no actual milk. The “genuine Terp chocolate” flavor probably has a placebo effect making the special bottles taste chalkier than usual. I was half expecting to be picking little pieces of Testudo out of my teeth. The bottle itself is kind of neat, with an interesting yellow shell pattern along the sides. The good news is, you can grab one and save it for your collection, since it doesn’t have any dairy in it. If the Terps go 0-12 this season it could be worth something on the ironic market.

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