This is a simple contest.

Using the comments, let me know- Who do you think is the most critical FA signing for the Ravens once there is a labor deal in place?

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  1. If you are talking Unrestricted Free Agents, I think the way the line played last year without him, it should be Jared Gaither. He would allow the Ravens to move Oher back to RT and solidify the Offensive Line.

    If you talking about someone not on the Ravens, I think it could be Lawrence Vickers. He could open up holes for Ray Rice and doesn’t have the ego & selfishness of LeRon McClain to want the ball.

  2. I think the key spot is tackle. Sacks were up last year and rushing was down with Oher at LT and Yanda out of position at RT. Signing a healthy Gaither to play LT is the best option, but signing a starting quality tackle like Jammal Brown to play right tackle is also an option. I think they have the pieces to plug in a guy at RG that would be adequate even if they lost both Chester and Yanda.

  3. Yanda. Very versatile. Can never have enough big uglies especially with Gaither a question mark. Hopefully Reid will be good but thats yet to be determined. Outside the organization Id like to see Asomugha for sure. Weve had holes in the secondary for years.

    • Congrats Paul! You are the winner. I will contact you over email to get the shirt delivered to you.

  4. Sign a very good tackle. The Ravens have a better idea than any other team about the health of Jared Gaither. If he is close to healthy then they need to re-sign him and move Oher back to right tackle where he appears much more comfortable. If Gaither isn’t healthy Matt Light also deserves consideration as a free agent signing. Ultimately, the Ravens need someone to pair with Oher. It’s simply too much to ask rookie Jah Reid to start given the shortened off season and his lack of collegiate pedigree.

  5. CENTER,,,,,,,,,people Matt Burk is a nice guy but he is over the hill (like Carl) , Burk is not strong enough to allow Joe to step up into a pocket of protection , did anyone notice how often the pocket collapsed last year that was Matt Burk people,,,,,,,,,,,,,,in addition , he is no longer capable of recognizing the proper protection schemes to be called once again putting poor Joe at risk,,,,,,,,Remember how good our line was three years ago , remember the name Jason Brown,,,,,,,,we need a capable center , it does not matter how good your other linemen are if your center can’t perform well……………

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