Last season the Orioles brought back their traditional cartoon bird and made the postseason for the first time since 1997. We posted an awesome infographic that broke down the Orioles success by logo and it’s astounding how much better they’ve been with that traditional smiling bird we know and love.

Buck Showalter "B" hatMy father has preached for years that the O’s need to wear a black hat with an orange “B” on the road with their Baltimore gray jerseys. Not the one they wore in 1963, that’s too plain. But their cursive/calligraphy/whatever you want to call it “B” hat that’s available in the Orioles online store. Honestly, I’m struggling to find what year that hat is from.

“All the good teams have their cities letters on their hats,” he says. And he’s right. Last season the Yankees, Tigers, Rangers, Braves, Nationals, Cardinals, Giants and Reds all made the postseason and proudly displayed their home town’s initials on the front of their caps. The Orioles and Athletics were the only two postseason teams without their cities letters on the hats.

In his video blog on, Buck Showalter started the campaign for a new Orioles cap. The O’s skipper answered questions about the O’s upcoming homestand, the starting rotation and farm system while donning the age old cursive “B” cap.
What a trend setter.

In case you forgot, the angry bird made it’s return last season partially due to Buck showing it off. Perhaps this cap will be worked into the regular rotation too.

For my dad’s sake, I can only hope.