Orioles manager Buck Showalter has to be separated from Yankees manager Joe Girardi

I’ve never seen Buck Showalter so angry. It was awesome.

During Monday’s Yankees-Orioles game, Joe Girardi shouted at O’s third base coach Bobby Dickerson in the first inning and accused him of stealing signs. Between innings, Showalter went rogue and decided to take matters into his own hands by having a friendly chat over in the Yankees dugout. He was quickly intercepted by the home plate umpire and that’s when the fun began.

I was listening on the radio at the time, Joe Angel and Fred Manfa had no clue what spawned the debate between the two skippers.

This argument was far too epic for one GIF, so I cut down the highlights to five.

Buck  Showalter screams at Joe  Girardi

It doesn’t take a lip reader to decipher what Showalter shouted to Girardi. Something about ducking a ship?

Joe  Girardi yells back to Buck  Showalter

Girardi tells Showalter to “shut it.”

Buck  Showalter has to be separated from Joe  Girardi

Showalter is hot — and it’s not just because he was wearing a jacket in 90 degree heat.

Buck  Showalter argues with Joe  Girardi

Buck gets a close up look at Jim Joyce’s mustache, while Joe gets put in time out.

Joe  Girardi shouts at Orioles third base coach Bobby Dickerson

The YES Network cameras catch Girardi walking down the dugout to shout at Orioles third base coach Bobby Dickerson.

“He was yelling at the third base coach. Somebody’s wearing black and orange, I’m not going to let that happen,” Showalter told reporters after the game as transcribed by MASNSports.com’s Roch Kubatko.

“I’ve known Bobby for a long time and, when Nicky (Markakis) came across the plate, he said (Girardi) was yelling out of the dugout at Bobby for some reason. I know Bobby Dickerson pretty well and so I knew Bobby might have something to say on his way back to the dugout. And he did.”

Showalter denied that Dickerson was stealing signs, adding, “If we were doing that, Manny (Machado) wouldn’t have bunted, right, if we had the pitches.”