Buck Showalter on Henry Urrutia - OriolesWe need a category on BSR just for Buck Showalter nicknames. I love them all.

It reminds me of Will Ferrell as President Bush in his one-man show “You’re Welcome America.”

Yes, that’s an obscure reference if you’ve never seen the show. If you’ve seen it 100 times like me, you think it’s hilarious — just watch the YouTube clip I linked to above.

According to a tweet from Roch Kubatko, Showalter refers to Cuban defector Henry Urrutia as Hammerin’ Hank. That’s lofty praise for the 25-year-old. Although, I don’t Showalter was necessarily comparing him to the great Hank Aaron.

Baltimore’s Hammerin’ Hank is expected to join minor league camp and play in Friday’s game against State College of Florida at Ed Smith Stadium. He smashed baseball’s during his final season in Cuba (.397/.461/.597 over 305 at-bats).

My favorite Showalter nickname? Old Fuddy Duddy.