Buck Showalter on Orioles offseason needs
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Baltimore Orioles skipper Buck Showalter didn’t shy away from questions on Tuesday at the Winter Meetings in Nashville. During an interview with Casey Stern and Jim Bowden on MLB Network Radio, the O’s manager spoke candidly about wanting to add a big bat and a top of the rotation arm.

“I don’t think our players want to hear their manager talking about somebody else,” Showalter said. “But I would love to have a three hole hitter and a number one starter.”

Both of those guys could be signed via free agency.

“I’m looking at that son of gun that’s already here,” he added.

When asked if he thought the Orioles would make a trade during the Winter Meetings, Showalter responded “I think so.”

Perhaps for a Billy Butler or Michael Morse?

“But, I’ll tell you what, we’re not going to feel pressure to do it. If they don’t value our players as we do then they won’t get ’em.”

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  1. After an exciting year last year, it would be a shame for this team to “stand pat”. I hope they make a move or two that not only gets the fans energized, but also improves on the team. They’ve seemingly lost 25 or so homers with Reynolds being non-tendered, they need to keep the momentum going.

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