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Apparently, glaring personality flaws aren’t deterring Dan Duquette from handing out minor league contracts this winter. Earlier this week, the Baltimore Orioles signed outfielder/designated hitter Delmon Young and invited him to Spring Training in Sarasota. They followed that deal by inking Alfredo Aceves to a similar contract.

As pointed out in my reactionary blogpost,  Young was arrested in New York City for aggravated harassment as a hate crime while he was playing for the Detroit Tigers in 2012. The New York Police Department said he yelled an anti-Semitic slur while he was intoxicated. He was released on $5,000 bail and was suspended for seven games. He later pleaded guilty on November 7 and was sentenced to 10 days of community service and ordered to attend a program at the Museum of Tolerance.

During his time in Boston, Aceves seemed to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. He was suspended by the Red Sox for slamming Bobby Valentine’s door after a “heated talk” in the manager’s office when he become frustrated that he wasn’t used in a save situation in August of 2012. From then on, Aceves would publicly argue with Valentine in the dugout and disrespect him on mound.

Alfredo Aceves argues with Bobby Valentine

Alfredo Aceves disrespects Bobby Valentine

Aceves pitched a 4.86 ERA over 11 games last season (six starts) with a 1.730 WHIP. He has struggled since 2011 when he posted a 2.61 ERA in 114.0 innings pitched with a 1.105 WHIP and 6.6 H/9.

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  1. Does this make Buck Showalter “King Moonracer”?!? Which misfit is next? Charlie in the Box?

  2. The hell with personality…see Barry Bonds….see Alex Rodriquez. Two of the biggest assholes in sports. I actually like the Delmon Young move although they tried the same thing with Will-o’s boy Felix Pie and Corey patterson. Two former #1’s that did not pan out. all Young needs is some mentoring from me, Spy and MGW…he will be fine!

  3. Reminds me of another place that harbors some misfits… None other then “Bad Boy Bolar” and “Bad Back Boffo”… Two goons that management has had fits with for years… Attitudes, no work, bus riding, calling out on Mondays because they were stuck in another state, hall roaming, and nasty emails to the bossman…

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