The Orioles and Nationals continue to do their best to build up that local rivalry.  Interleague play between the two teams is always fun, but until someone charges the mound with a bat in hand, the fan bases aren’t going to see it as any more than two of many series from April through September.

Buck Showalter might have just helped changed that.

As everyone knows after this weekend’s festivities, Oriole Park at Camden Yards is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this season.  20 years as the best ballpark in the Major Leagues.  Showalter talked with ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian about the Yard and where it ranks among the parks around the country.

“It has never tried to be something that it’s not,” he said.  “There was nothing fake about it.  There are no hills in center field. They didn’t copy anyone. As soon as you walk in, it had that cathedral feeling.”  He’s exactly right.

“Anyone can build something new, anyone can buy something new. This was a park that you thought other teams would copy. And that’s exactly what has happened.”  Camden Yards has been the model for a wave of new stadiums over the past two decades.  Many have come up with new ideas, but no one has done it as genuinely as Baltimore.

“Some have captured some of that feel, some haven’t,” he added. “Washington, Cincinnati, those parks won’t stand the test of time. When you step in Camden Yards, you got the feeling that this was a ballpark that would be welcome in any era in baseball history.”  Burn.


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  1. Yea Buck,,,,,,,,but they spend money on players to make themselves competitive,,,,,,,,,something you will not get with the O’s,,,,,,,,,,,it’s like a bunch of girls playing hockey shouting out ” our skirts are better looking than your skirts”,,,,grow up buck , it’s all about winning you idiot loser………

  2. Sorry to bust your bubble, but OPaCY has nothing on PNC Park, not even close. I’m not a Pirates fan mind you, a Nats one, but no ball park in sports compares to PNC. Maybe OPaCY was first, but Pittsburgh did it leaps and bounds better and I hate all things Pittsburgh.

    • Terpfan76,

      I hate to burst your bubble but there’s nothing objective about anyone’s opinion. Opinions are just that, opinions and there’s no way to quantify an opinion. Jackass.

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