Buck Showalter Isn’t A Fan Of Cranberries On Thanksgiving

Buck Showalter doesn't like cranberry sauceFirst and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers here on BSR. Enjoy the traditions of this great holiday. Eat some food, spend time with family and watch the Lions lose.

Baltimore Orioles skipper Buck Showalter was on MLB Network Radio on Tuesday and was asked about his favorite Thanksgiving foods. “I’m not a fan of the cranberries,” Showalter said.

I’m sort of indifferent to them, but I know that Matt Lund agrees with Buck after hearing his thoughts on this week’s BSR Podcast.

“I’m a deviled eggs guy.”

Deviled eggs, huh? That’s a random one.

Showalter added that he’s still recovering from offseason knee surgery, but said he’s getting around fine and isn’t worried because, as he told Adam Jones, he’s not the one taking the field in April.


Zach Wilt is the Founding Editor of BaltimoreSportsReport.com and host of the BSR Podcast. He's a loyal Orioles, Ravens and Capitals fan who is obsessed with baseball, loves traveling, In-N-Out Burger and Walt Disney World.


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  2. 9inchnails

    November 22, 2012 at 4:41 pm

    Happy Thanksgiving to my boys at BSR!

  3. MGW

    November 23, 2012 at 8:20 pm

    You too, Nails.

    Hope Santa brings you those Dr. Dre’s you asked for…