If you’re reading, Dan Duquette, please do not trade Bud Norris – under any circumstances. His stock is rising pretty quickly in Birdland, these days.

If you missed it, Bud Norris made some waves on Twitter last night. He took umbrage to the following portion of Jayson Stark’s breakdown of the MLB Winter Meetings winners and losers:


First, let’s not forget that this sort of thing has been said in the past. That aside, I think it’s a fair assessment to say that the Orioles still have some work to do. But don’t tell that to Bud Norris. Baltimore’s fiery starter took to the Twitters to stick up for his team:



You have to love Bud Norris. They guy is passionate on the mound, and it appears, off it. As fans and the media torch the Orioles for their inactivity during the Winter Meetings (full disclosure, myself included), perhaps we should remember the guys already on the team, and how the criticism affects them. If Norris is any indication, these guys are not feeling sorry for themselves. They’re ready to charge into the 2015 season, and make a lot of us “experts” look foolish.

Go get ’em, Bud.