Cal Ripken Jr. statueHall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. will have his Orioles Legends statue unveiled in front of a sellout crowd at Camden Yards on Thursday. The Baltimore Orioles official Facebook page released a teaser of what Cal’s sculpture will look like.

My guess is that Ripken will be standing tall and holding his hat in the air like we’ve seen in the famous picture during his 2,131st consecutive game.

Cal’s sculpture is the fifth of six that have been released by the Orioles this season. Brooks Robinson’s statue will be unveiled September 29.

What do you think Cal’s statue will look like?

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  1. Yeah, I think it’s going to be the same pose too. It is going to be inscribed, “One selfish SOB”.

  2. Wake up this morning, played in the sandbox last night, Orioles in 1st place. Ain’ the beer cold!

    Ripken still one selfish SOB. There’s no I in team but there is one in Ripken.

    HOF? Lifetime .270 hitter….WTF? No streak, no HOF. No selfishishness, no streak, no HOF! Selfish SOB.

  3. I know what you are thinkong. I will be there tomorrow night, section 47 row 12. I am there to cheer the O’s on. F Ripken, the selfish SOB!

    • Hey nails,,,,,,,tell me how you really feel about Ripkin,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,actually I agree with you 100%,,,,,,,,,,did you know he didn’t travel with the team to the away games , he had his own private charter,,,,,,,,,,,,he was no where close to a team player , by the way , he also fleeced his hometown when he built his stadium,,,,,,,,,,,,what a bum………..

  4. You can argue that Ripken doesn’t deserve the HOF (I think you would be wrong since he did revolutionize the postition) but to claim he’s a selfish SOB and a bad teammate is just plain wrong. He came to the stadium each day to do what he is paid to do; play the game. Fans whine when players take time off for minor aches and pains but you’re going to complain because he was selfish and played through injuries and slumps; if he had asked out of the lineup, you would have yelled that he was a baby. Did the streak come to be more than it should? hell yeah, but that wasn’t his fault, that was media driven and brought people back to the game (remember the strike). He flew with the team but stayed in seperate hotels as not to have the press crawling over the team hotel. I’ve never heard any player say anything less than glowing about playing with Rip, much less call him a bad teammate.

  5. He talked to Brady Anderson and Billy Ripken…

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