Cam Cameron discusses Ray Rice's role in Ravens offenseBaltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron had some interesting comments in his press conference on Thursday. While everyone in Charm City has been trying to run Cam squared out of town since he arrived in 2008, he deferred some of the blame to QB Joe Flacco.

“That’s a huge part of what we do,” Cameron said about Flacco’s ability to audible. “But, I think getting on the same page is the first thing we have to do.”

So, you’re saying that Rice’s 9 touches against Houston were Joe’s fault?

“We want Ray involved,” Cameron said. “Ray is a big part of what we’re doing. We have to make sure that within our audible system the audibles don’t take the ball out of his hands, based on what the defense might be dictating.”


“We’ve looked at it all. We’re wearing the same shoe sizes. We’ve got it all covered. We’ve got the same shoes, same uniforms, a lot of that stuff,” Cameron added. “The bottom line is execute better. But, the No. 1 thing, let’s be on the same page, first and foremost.”

Now I’m even more concerned than I was two weeks ago.